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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Special Sunday It Is.....

Happy Sunday y'all!!!!
The third of the year actually and I am fully adjusting to 2012, it reflects when I write my dates! :)
So as expected, I did church today, was beautiful but man was I shivering! Well at a frightening -6 what did you expect? I did enjoy trudging through the snow though and sharing some good laughs with my "honey dumpling" but the weather sure did bring out the ice princess in me.....for a while, my face went stone cold!
Typical NIGERIAN I am, I  fancy my Lagos sun so much and I hold it in high esteem! :) Today on the whole was generally swell!
What even makes today more special? Today is my darling Paulina's birthday!!!
On the 15th of January some many many years ago, God blessed the Faturoti family with a pretty bouncing baby girl who many years later turned into a beautiful young lady....nice and caring, intelligent, motherly and a good cook...I should know! ;)
I would love to use this medium to just wish her the best in all her endeavors in life. And even though she wouldn't say how old she is today, I would still wish her many many more years to come! And just like a friend while praying for her said, today would mark the beginning of new things in her life!:)


And to make the day even more special, today is Ekene's birthday!!! What can I say without repeating myself? I wish  you all the best hunnie and all of God's blessings too! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH!!!
That said, I leave you both to rock your day.....let the party begin!!!!!! :*

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