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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Re: When To Do The Do?

I said 'Re' cause this isn't exactly my own title but I've been meaning to say something about it for a while now. I kept procrastinating and pushing it forward until a while back when I saw Bella Naija had put it up. It's all good, I like Bella Naija so I am cool with it, she basically discussed my salient points but what the heck? I'd still go on with it especially because of a particular Faith's comments that created ripples among the blog community. She said something that reads somewhat, 'if you  are a girl in your early 20's through 30's and you are not having sex, you are wasting your sex years. Sex is sweet and you don't have to be committed to have sex with someone as long as you enjoy the sex.' She even went ahead to say she was married and that people should be careful enough to use condoms when having sex, bla bla bla.
Excuse me! Before I come up strong with my Bible quotations and miss goody shoes, I have to say. I am even surprised that in the heat of your raging 'WHOREmones, you can still remember to get a rubber sheath. No one and I mean NO ONE AT ALL is interested in your sex life so spare us the gory details and since you claim to be married (I wonder how that came to be, not my business though, just feel sorry for your oga that's all) you might want to save the advise giving session for your daughters when they turn 18. 
Now, me being little misss goody shoes...why does everyone want to rub their sexuality in your face these days. It's disgusting, it really is and repulsive too.Whatever happened to modesty, etiquette and morals? Must you just want to talk about sex??? EEEEEEEEEWWWW!!! 
No, like seriously?

So sex is sweet right? I know. Why wouldn't I...I attend singles forum (Pastor Bimbo's archives actually) =) They say sex is sweet and designed by God for married couples only, so wait your turn! Seriously though, I am not trying to get all 'holier-than-thou' but then again you know your body is the temple of God right and that the marriage bed must not be D E F I L E D? If it is, may I recommend 're-virgination' which comes after repentance? Funny, I feel uncomfortable typing this and I've got this silly grin/confused look on my face. Wondering if I'd actually publish this post...Thank God if I do.
Sex ought to be a big deal or at least my dad makes a huge fuss of it, that explains why any guy who comes even as close to our gates would be fed to the dogs. I can't blame him, he's got 3 of us not counting his wife so guys beware! =) 
 Even though I have heard the argument that when one is in a stable relationship obviously heading for the altar, it's okay. Here's what Pastor Bimbo would say. W E D D I N G.N I G H T! If you are asking, 'what if everybody knows...parents, relatives, friends and all?' I guess the same answer applies. Seriously, this thing is's something that goes on and on and on....still comes to the same conclusion though.  
When you are married, then you can have sex! You can do all you want to do! I have said my own...bye bye!
Tizzle signing out!

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