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Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Have Just One Pick...

Say you had the opportunity to remove just one of these from the spate of things in the country right now...which would it be and why?
The Never Relenting Boko Haram

the fuel subsidy ish/#occupy Nigeria
err, it's N200 actually, pardon me.

wow! @ first I didn't recognize the place myself!

plus the night shift too ;)

and last but not the least, Mr. President.
I have to say that I still love the "resource control" hat tho' and I totally love the flag in the background's Nigerian innit? lol
So I ask again...who's it gonna be???


  1. It's too hard, but it's gotta be the Boko Haram .. Life first, other matters are relatively trivial

  2. I agree wit ken Boko n harram

  3. Boko haram all the way, We need enough people alive to help take out the other two.