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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pout Versus The Peace Sign...

Talk about "peer pressure" or "cliches" I really don't know what to blame this on but it seems to me like it is the somewhat "cool" thing to do...or maybe the kids in this generation just totally lack ideas!!! We are so clueless when it comes to snapshots, or so I think.... Anyone else asides me that is, notice how when a chic wanna take a picture, like an elite, exposed picture worthy of note, she pouts? That's like Pushing Out Unwarranted um....I don't know what to fix in for the T. lol! Anyways, it's not like yours truly is excluded....*covering my face* It's not something I'm exactly proud of!!
A few pictures to buttress my point....this is a serious something!

pretty lips but it's a POUT!! :p

lip curl my ass, pic#3 is a pout Mayowa!!! :p

you are also guilty my dear... :D
It has gotten to the point where all I see is the camera and BOOM! my lips work their magic! Talk about reflex! 
even for a random pic...when I don't even want too! *sobz
And anybody ever notice how guys stick out 2 fingers for the peace sign when they pose for the camera? It's like hey everyone say cheese!!! and those two gnarled, greasy, God-alone-knows-where-they-have-been fingers turn up! lol and I know it is sort of a unisex thingy as girls do it as well, myself inclusive.....aaaaaaaaaaaargh darn it!

don't try me....I'm rocking the pout and the peace sign!

peace with swag....FREEEEEESH!!!!

Guilty! So GUILTY both of you!!!

and you too darling!

Get my drift now don't you? Next time you or your friends take a picture, see if this little piece strikes a cord. Peace out!!!!

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