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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A VIRGIN @ 30??


"Heard that gospel singer Nikki Laoye said on her wedding day, which held on December 11th in Lagos, that she was a virgin bride. She and her husband decided to wait till after their wedding before having sex. Nikki is 30 years old." 

How come I'm just seeing this??? Not like it's any of my business oh but men that's super coooooooool oh!!! Nikki, I hail oh but then for me, 30 is far oh! #Dear future husband, appear by fire and marry before I turn 30 oh!!!!!! lol (please note that I say "oh" a lot when I'm thrilled about a particular thing, typical Naija gurl I am oh!!!)


Forgive my bad manners, Nikki I wish you and your obviously very good boyfriend turned husband a wonderful married life!!!

This is a challenge to all my single long can you go, how long can you go??? (in Luda Chris voice) hehehehe no, seriously!

1 comment:

  1. why is it surprising that she is a virgin at 30yrs? When did Nigerians imbibe Western culture? It is not surprising in my group of friends. I understand that it is difficult, however it is possible and I think it's even easier in Nigeria to remain a virgin, because most girls live with their parents until they get married. In the States, alot of young adults live independently after graduating University, which opens lots of opportunities to have your boyfriend or girlfriend stay over and