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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh Please, That You Color Block Don't Mean You Got Style!!!

Pardon my phony Texas accent but I just couldn't help it. I pride myself in minding my business and not poking my  nose into other people's affairs but every rule has it's exceptions, know what I mean? ;)
Yes, color blocking is a huge trend right now and like almost all the fashionistas I know are rocking this look plus the fashionista wannabe's and good Lord, they are quite a number! The freedom uni life offers.....I laugh. Though not much of a fashion person myself, I've seen enough to know a good outfit when I see one, thanks to Joanne, Kelly, Gulliana and that other gay guy! (All the time I spent watching fashion police will not be wasted IJN, Amen!!!) Mind you, the girl to the right got it right!!!
No, I am not blogging fashion now but then again fashion is a real life issue and I blog real life issues. What with all the importance placed on clothes and one's appearance, you would actually think you would never see an ounce of exposed flesh! That's a story for another day however.
 The babes that inspired this piece are very much around me but I doubt they would ever know they gave the inspiration for this (I am not saying that they are dumb oh!). I know some people's life ambition is to be among the most  popular and hotting babes at school and what better  way is there to do that other than fashion? There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to be a cool kid (although I think it is a God-given talent, lol) it's just what you do and how you do it. I did mention the going-naked-in-the-name-of-fashion thing but bad color blocking is the one pinching me today. So these girls I mentioned earlier, they love attention and they love the spotlight (God bless their hearts) but boy do they love colors and they splash them on like E  V E  R  Y  D  A Y!!! Not funny, especially when they are so bad at it! Whether na retro or color block, I confuse. Now I see them, I ja cause of the serious migraines I get on such encounters. If you like something and you want to do it, you ask. Not so? Whatever happened to GOOGLE? It really does have all the answers especially with regards to issues such as this! sometime I wonder if the Google tabs and widgets on their laptops are for decoration. Even now, I am crying as I type this for they have no one to tell them the truth. They are all friends and they all dress the same way giving the rest of us serious health challenges.
I don't know much but the little I know on color blocking is this. Yes, your colors ought to clash, that's what it's all about but the designers and super hot people you copy on t.v actually look on the color wheel before clashing their colors. Talk about organised crime, I guess it's why they say color block and not color clash. Most of what these babes wear here is color riot to be honest. God forgive me.
Okay, take a look...this is a color wheel for those of you that haven't actually seen one.
notice the expo they've freely given? =)

So this is a simple wheel for a beginner, I understand that the pros gaze upon this wheel whenever they want to block, you know it helps them to clash with sense and they end up looking so good,all you girls and some 'faggish' boys dash to the store to get their outfits. =)
Key is to first start with a neutral base, that is the more like the blank canvass for the painting. Pick a primary colour, then a secondary one that works with the 1st. Then , some creativity from your end and a quick dramatic, out of bounds for effect which makes it young and fun! Check this out...
Note that the bracelet has got a touch of everything, the tee and the bag work more like base neutrals (yes, the bag has an earthy tone to it!) everything else screams FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!
Someone is probably asking, 'so Tizzle can you rock this look?' My response? 'If I did color blocks, sure...why not?' It's not my style though,I personally love the monochrome given my statistics and all, you know how colors break up one's body yeah? I'd rather I stick to what works for me best but I do this write-up out of the goodness of my heart and for my health which detiorates everytime I jam some girls at school. Moreover, I wrote this to help my 'sisturs', remember no advice is bad advice.
Hopefully, they will get this and I wouldn't have to keep downing a thousand pellets of Ibuprofen 1000mg daily...yes, it is that bad. So bad I had to blog about it! lol
Anyways, I'm thankful that some girls are actually doing it right. Thank God!!
personal favorite...all the colors I like!
girl on the left...I love! :*
Here's an ensemble suggestion for you, if you are thinking of rocking this trend sometime soon! I know I am a darling...and you are most welcome! :)
nice, safe and super stylish!!!!

So there you have it folks, Tizzle signing out!!!

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