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Saturday, December 17, 2011

tizzle just musing....

Today was absolutely drab.....well for me at least. I secretly longed to go out, preferably for a wedding (you see, there's this thing about weddings for me and I'm almost a sucker for them, I dare say!). Unfortunately, that was not the case, I was all alone in my room "dulling." My roomies were out for the weekend leaving me all by myself in the room. It's a wonder I am still alive, I thought I'd die from the boredom. No exxagerations, I'm for real!

Thankfully, there is the internet and all it's, facebook, twitter and of course, blogger! ;)
I basically am not a stay-at-home kind of girl, I love to hang out but everything in moderation of course. So, you can imagine my utter shock and dismay, no...horror is the word when I saw 2 good old friends of mine tweeting away about how they were going to deliberately miss 2 weddings they were officially invited too!!!!
Not fair!!! I mean, they don't even want to go and I'm here dying to  be at a wedding...I've got outfits on Q! :(
What hurt most? They just went back and forth about it like any of us were interested....pssst. O.kay, I'd admit that I was wishing I could just trade places with those 2! Ungrateful duo....
Anyway, we don't always get what we wish for (what's that thing about wishes being horses?) so I had ample time to think of my own wedding coming soon.....yup, soon! lol.
I did sight some fabulous dresses though! ;)
Like this one....I think it's DIVINE.....imagine me walk down the aisle in this Matthew Williamson's swarovski crystals embellished silk chiffon gown. OMG! Daddy would be so proud! :D
and here's another that caught my eye....
It is beautiful....can't wait!!! :)
I wonder who would finally make it to my train....hahahaaha

I should just leave it at that...but not until I show you a picture of one of the most beautiful brides ever! ;)

awwwwww.....I can't wait for my own wedding!!! #okbye

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