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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Every Day I Am 'Kele Kele'ing.'

It's really cold, not as cold as it's been in the past few days but it's cold nonetheless. I just got back from school a few minutes back or hours actually and I'm chilling in my groupie's room ;)
So I am here jamming up to songs I haven't heard in a while.You know there are some songs that will never go extinct, well for me at least and even though I advocate decency, I have to admit that this song you are about to listen to is one of my personal favorites. Why? because you find yourself in some situations where you want to blurt this out. Where are all my ladies at? Y'all can relate to this right? At least once or twice in the past at least. Some boys can be just so darn annoying!!!! Aaaaaaaargh!!!
Well here's one of the songs that made my rule exception theory.....UGH! ;)

Listen to the lyrics and be touched oh ye boys!!!

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