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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Like A Chameleon?

I remember once when I had to explain to a five year old what a chameleon was. It didn't look like too much  work and I thought it would be easy to convince her that it could turn into any color of it's surroundings in order to camouflage. After all, most five year old's and a couple of adults actually believe Superman, Spider man or even Santa Clause exist!
So it happened that after I had explained that chameleons camouflage to hide them from predators, she looked up at me ever so sweetly with her big cute eyes and asked, 'why?' and the Lord knows how I dread those questions!
'That's cause God made them that way sweetie' I answered. 'Yeah, then why didn't God make all other little animals that way so the bigger animals won't eat them up?' 'Um, he did...he just used different methods for all of them and probably some of them don't know it yet but the chameleon does.'
Note, this happened say about 2007 and this is 2012. I should have forgotten this ever happened right? My point exactly, I always seem to remember the darn-est things! Anyways, you know what they say...things aren't always as they seem? There is always more to what meets the eye...ALWAYS!
What made me remember this story? A while back, I was chatting with some people (I won't say who, even though it's not like you know or you care!) but you must know that they are Naija people like my humble self (my apologies, Aunty Dora but Naija really is the new Nigeria).
We were talking about everything that's been troubling the mother land and then some people began talking in that stupid way that I have come to associate most Nigerians with.That same stupid style of speech that hasn't gotten us anywhere as a nation. They condemn and criticize and throw heaps of dirt on the people at the helm of affairs like they could do any better themselves. Fine, our rulers suck most of the time but then again, what are you doing to make things work? If you can't make things better, you don't have the right to complain...just shut up!
I personally don't like chameleons when it comes down to it because for me, it's either you are here or there. There are times when blending in is not necessary.
  Have you ever wondered why it's the most ignorant of all men that criticize the most? Well, I have! Plus, if you ever gave them the chance they won't be able to achieve a fraction of whatever it is that they were even criticizing in the first place! As I sat there listening to all their crap, yes I was listening cause I didn't even feel the need to argue anymore. Pretty much of their argument was totally baseless and uninformed. They were clueless to put it mildly but you should have seen them speak with so much authority. So much for people who aren't interested in going back home to work upon graduation. They were saying crap as far as I was concerned but don't we all or at least the majority of us do.
I have to say before I go on that my father is no politician or big man (at least not in that sense) and I do not work for the government or whatever but then I am sick and tired of all this bullshitting.
They voted Jonathan into power and now they have turned around to say what again? Don't even deny it, I can come pick out all of you that voted for Jonathan that year! I am trying to wrap my head round this thing very well...and I can only come up with one thing. HYPOCRISY
Why? 'Cause I see chameleons all around, one moment they are blue and the next they are red! Then they wan't to come tell me what to do when they haven't figured themselves out yet! Well, I've got something to tell all such people and it's 'figure out yourselves first folks!!!

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  1. Hmm, Miss tope nice concept! No matter which way the storm wades this nation, we are still gonno get there... Chuckles.