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Friday, December 30, 2011


I believe in my heart that God loves good and out. I mean He loves for us to look good and actually be good, get my drift? ;) What's the point in dressing bad when you are actually good or dressing good when you are bad? Beats me!
 Anyways, this piece is informed by the type of fashion that we have up in our faces on a daily basis. Christian girls should look good, they ought to. The problem however arises when we start to look too much like them....let me explain.
this is what I think.....

Over-clinging clothes (a far cry from the fitted ones), showing too much cleavage (or any at all), low ride jeans, halter necks and some strappy clothes (yes, I said some 'cause I'm cool with thick straps) are examples of the fashion trends imported from the "world." Agreed that you don't have to "mommyfy" yourself in the name of being a christian but less isn't always  more. Someone said that a girl who flaunts her body to get attention is actually acting like the insecure little girl with low self esteem that she is!
So I guess the question is, "what to wear?"
Some denominations frown on us wearing jeans....some think nothing of it. Some churches don't mind jewelry, while by others it isn't favored at all. It is sometimes even preached against. The morale of the story is that you whatever you wear, you must be able to answer 3 questions in the positive.

  1. Would Jesus like what I am wearing?
  2. Would my dad be able to see me and introduce me to his friends with pride. :)
  3. Would my mommy see me and complement me genuinely, sarcasm aside.
If you answer yes to all 3 questions, then you are good to good to go! Trust me you are! A little tip...this is what actually helps me now...key is to answer the questions truthfully.
Anyhow, I did mention that that this is actually my own opinion right? Right! If you don't like it, say your own!

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