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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tizzle Just Musing......

I write this (type this I mean) at a period when I am still trying to get my head around something.....deciding on whether to give a certain girl who has been bad mouthing me a stare down, the silent treatment a.k.a the cold war or what we all know well as "simply ignoring."
For obvious reasons, I won't join her in bad mouthing too cause I am a whole lot more than that and because if I did, it would only go to show that I am like her which I am not...apparently!

that's right...I am one of  the Jesus' girls! :)
 "Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself." That's Proverbs 26:4 .
Keep this verse in your heart and do not ever let it depart, it would do you a whole lot of good trust me!  
Remember how I started this piece by saying I couldn't quite get my head around something? Well, it wasn't that I didn't already know how to handle the whole matter, (thanks to the Bible of course) it's just that I was trying to understand why someone would just want to put dirt on you for no apparent reason! Maybe because I.....well, because I am so awesome but I need not brag about it for I'd be stating the obvious!!!
Seriously though,  it was sort of eating me up hence the post but after considering the whole thing and reading what I'm typing now, I feel a whole lot better!
If your hot self/personality like me is probably being slain by some creepy hater, think twice about a show down or getting even and just flow with the advice from the Bible. It also helps to have "matured believer" friends. They keep you from doing darn stupid things in the name of recompense.
So for me, after I put this up I am going to let down my hair and have a pretty good time sleeping or just hanging with my is a Saturday after all. I am not going to be perturbed about this at all. Borrowing the line of a very good friend of mine, "Life is Too Short for Crap" and honestly I couldn't agree more! Vent session aside, I'm going ahead with my plan to just lean back today...literally. As in, No Time!!!!
Till I see you folks!!!! :*

me jamming up without a care in the world!!! hater or no hater!

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  1. nice one...good sign of maturity...i love that...