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Saturday, January 14, 2012


...and the most beautiful too.
You know that sign up on the way from the international airport in Lagos that reads something about Nigerians being the happiest people on Earth? That certainly has to be my best sign in the world! I say so cause there is no trace of deceit in what it says...take for example all the jokes that has come out of this whole subsidy palavar. Nigerians are hilarious me all cracked up!
Then, they are the most beautiful. Even with all of the drama happening back home, I still see my "country people" looking good! It makes me even more proud as a Nigerian because I am pretty sure that if we can smile through this, we would definitely surmount it!
I love NIGERIA!!!!
Here's a quick tip and it's on the house, if you looking for the perfect holiday spot this summer...Nigeria is probably the way to go! I hope the subsidy would be returned to it's rightful position by then anyway! :)
And just before I sign out, lemme just show you the pretty people who actually inspired this piece...times are hard but my people are still looking good!!!
tweenie love!

there's never a dull moment with these "men" lol

hawting sisturs, :)


siblings so adorable

mi darling....
Awwwwww, I miss y'all so much.  I know the cars are parked safely at home so have fun trekking!!!! :*

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