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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Morning After......

They get better as they come you know. Yeah, they do....depending on how you spent the night before. Friday nights like yesterday (which are by the way a personal favorite) always make for interesting Saturday stories, reason being cause one can wake up by half past 3 and waste away the remaining part of the day or maybe not.
So I happen to have my head screwed on properly and my speech ain't incoherent like some chick who had a rough last night. ;)
Amazing how Friday nights can organize your Saturdays for you. You know there are Saturdays you have woken  up to see your body mangled in some gory position with you feeling all sick and you are thinking what the hell??? You open your eyes and then squint as you try to recognize where exactly on Earth you are. As soon as you have that figured out, you scramble out of bed to at least get some cold water cause you feel dehydrated and your throat feels dry. As soon as you are up standing, that nagging head ache begins and your knees are all wobbly. You begin to cuss under your breath cause you almost missed your step trying to imagine how knocked out you could have been the previous night for you not to take off 'em strappy heels.
So it begins, your walk of shame to the kitchen with you staggering/cat-walking and tugging at your mini, pushing back your balloons into your top (or for some people, adjusting the padded wonders) =)
Upon your arrival at the kitchen however, you realize your friends already beat you to it and everyone is hustling "indomie." So you reach for the fridge and pour out your drink. As you bless God for the gift of water, the stench of sardine hits you in the nose and you get all "throw-up'ish." Why????
After a quick meal and a most refreshing shower, your friends reel out every detail of how someone at the table  right there and then misbehaved at the club last night after having a little to much to drink? Who? You! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!
The headache goes up notches but guess what? Next Friday night it's going to be just like Katty P sang, you'd do it aaaaaaaaall again!!! Even though, during all the partying the DJ did y'all a favor by playing Black Magic's song. (Who if not a Benin boy would call himself that? that's just by the way though). I digress. "You know how you drink today would surely affect tomorrow. Oh Oh Oh....but what do you do? You keep drinking all of that alcohol and kissing all those fine fine gehs singing "tomorrow would sort itself all out, tomorrow would sort itself all out." What if you never see the tomorrow? Just saying. Yes, be very afraid! hahahahahahahaha  *playing that scary music in the background. doom doom dooom!!!!* lol
I am not done yet. How about the Friday night date? :)
Nice civil evening with just you two. So you grab a bite, see a movie, lick ice cream and do all those things love birds do. Getting quite late now so you head back to his place. Watch tv, talk, kiss, get all cuddly and stuff then the inevitable happens. Only thing is someone forgot to get a rubber and so the next morning the babe panics cause he went all the way. None of them is ready to have some little baby call her mama or him, pop. So what happens, he drives her to the pharmacy and they ask for the pills. Which ones? The morning after pills. Trust me, Saturdays always record the highest sales for that thing, no seriously. No one actually waits till the third day, better to nip it in the bud I guess. I digress again.
And yet another scenario. The sleep over with or without the alcohol. Same thing happens anyway, you tell your secrets that no one else should know and it's always used against you in a future fight which is most likely to occur on a Saturday, let's face it that's when we have extra free time more or less.
Or you could go for a vigil which will greatly improve your life. Thing is, most of the people I know sleep through such things. Pity. My Dad always gets this brilliant ideas when he wakes up after a vigil. Says God gives them to him and so I wonder. It's probably an answer to prayers prayed at the vigil? I think it's called revelation? Anyways, what did you do last night? You don't need to tell me but then...are your Fridays killing you? Yeah, cause your uterus and your lungs, kidneys and your head suffering all those migraines are actually a part of you. Or are your Fridays building you? Cause your mind when sharpened is for your benefit and others too. This is the part I sign out before you think I've been ordained or something. Not like it's a bad thing oh, it's just...I am not ordained.
P.S: Oh yeah, I know not everyone knows that tomorrow song I mentioned earlier so I'm putting it up for you to get the drift of what I was saying.

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